Staging & Design


Maximizing Sales through Professional Staging

Whether you are selling a $500,000 cottage or a $100 million-plus castle, hiring a certified interior designer to temporarily stage, furnish and decorate your property in a way that potential buyers can see themselves living their best life in the property before it is listed, is a necessary expense in today’s real estate market. According to experts, “Eighty-two percent of buyer’s agents said staging a home made it easier for a buyer to visualize the property as a future home.”


Most Buyers have a very difficult time envisioning a property’s potential or how a property can be lived in. But when a listing is carefully and artfully staged by a designer that understands the unique details of the property and its potential buyers, the home is transformed into a fresh and inviting space where the buyer can already see the potential and value. Artful staging eliminates the doubt of how to live in the space while wordlessly telling the property’s story and gives buyers a way to fall in love with the property. When your listing is stagged, fresh, and market-ready, buyers perceive a much stronger value to your property resulting in a quicker sale and fewer days on the market.


Staging Is Important At All Price Points

Brenda Brown Luxury Homes offers a portfolio of design and staging that spans over 25 years. With Brenda Brown Luxury homes, we look at each property as a unique gem that someone will treasure.

We review each property and learn about all the details and amenities to ensure that a lifestyle story will emerge and entice buyers. Staging is important at all price points. However, luxury homes will require more time, detail and attention due to the amount of space and quality of furnishings.


Staging requires a detailed conversation and walk-through about the amenities of the property, including builders, appliances, unique details, and finishes. Brenda Brown Luxury Homes knows this process is important to determine how the property supports a specific lifestyle and who the potential buyers will be. Brenda will then communicate this lifestyle through a highlight of the home's beautiful assets without over-styling or designing the space. It is important to strike a balance between highlighting the unique and memorable spaces of a home without going too far and making it about interior design. Brenda feels that when you walk into a space that feels inspiring, you carry that energy with you. Creating inspiring energy that translates into a lifestyle in a space that appeals to the most potential buyers is always her target. Rest assured that Brenda Brown Luxury Homes will showcase the unique beauty and amenities of your property in a way that will make buyers fall in love with each space and see themselves living their best life there!

Work With Brenda

Her impeccable professionalism and integrity-based standards ensure that her client’s best interest is always at the heart of every transaction. Brenda analyses market trends and shares valuable information with her clients. Throughout the entire real estate transaction, you will find that Brenda and her team remain in constant communication.